Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What is this all about, anyway?

Another blog. Yet another person, using the ubiquity and economy of Internet publishing to pontificate. Is it something interesting or more drivel? Today, I can't answer that; over the following weeks and years, I hope to do so. And I sure hope it isn't more drivel.

I am a software developer. I mean that in a larger sense than a "coder", which is something I have done, but is only a component of what I mean by a software developer. I'm talking about all of the roles in the software development process, from gathering customer requirements to the UI design process, from architecting and implementing systems to managing those doing these things. I have done each of these to some degree in my career. I am fascinated by all aspects of the software development process, from the high-level business objectives to the low-level determination of quality.

The goal of this blog is simple: get myself and others in the software business thinking and talking about better ways to develop software. How do we make software that is easier to use, higher in quality, and more robust financially? I am expecting this to be a learning process. I will share my thoughts and opinions, my research, and my experiences; you can share yours. Together, maybe we can learn something and make software a little bit better.

Beyond that goal, I also think that part of being a successful software developer is to have a life outside of the code. I'll undoubtedly have something to say about that, too.

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