Monday, November 12, 2007

Bucking The OS Establishment

A couple of weeks ago, I'd had enough. I was approaching Window's Tithe Day and decided to buck the conventional Top Ten Reasons not to Install Ubuntu. I feel so rebellious!

I've been a linux fan since around 1993, when I bought my first PC (a Packard Dell 486/50) for school. I was in the Computer Science program at the University of Utah. I could not tolerate Windows 3.1 in that Un*x world, so I quickly become involved in the Linux community.

After downloading my 26 floppies using work's 56k connection, I went to town installing Slackware for the first time. Then installed it again and again as I learned what I was doing. Over time, my confidence grew and I become an officer in the fledgling Salt Lake Linux Users Group. There, I found the opportunity to learn a lot about Linux (and get lots of free stuff from early Linux vendors. A BIG shoutout to O'Reilly for their major support).

So, nearly 15 years later, my Dell Latitude D820 is now running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and, for the most part, it is loving it. Emboldened by my rebelliousness and my success, I've also installed Xubuntu on my wife's old Sony Vaio P-II 266. I'm also running a MythTV Fedora server.

I have my future plans laid out that include a dual duo-core server running XDMCP for multiple low-end laptop X terminals for each of my kids, separating my MythTV server and clients, getting proper filtering put in place for my kids, and, finally, converting my wife.

Now, if only Blizzard would come out with an official Linux client for World of Warcraft...

From a post by Joel Spolsky in Joel on Software:

It’s hard to get individual estimates exactly right. How do you account for interruptions, unpredictable bugs, status meetings, and the semiannual Windows Tithe Day when you have to reinstall everything from scratch on your main development box?

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