Monday, December 14, 2009

Career Change: Product Management Resources

This is part four in my series on becoming a product manager. It is a list of resources that you, as an aspiring product manager, can reference. Part one discusses the career path to a product manager; part two discusses thinking like a product manager, and part three discusses how to get that all-important experience to become a product manager.

There is a pretty broad sampling of books, web sites, communities, and other resources. Product management is a cross-functional discipline, so many of the resources reflect that cross-functional nature. Product management is also a social discipline. If that doesn't come naturally to you, I doubly encourage you to get involved!


Blogs and Websites

This is not actually a list of blogs; it is a list of lists of blogs. There are some very high caliber product management blogs that provide a lot of real-world information on how to manage products.

Other websites that don't fall into other categories also show up in here.


There is a lot of good conversation on Twitter. Worth finding people to follow there.


Training and Education



What resources did I miss? Add your favorite Product Management resources in the comment. You can even include an ad for your service as long as it is truely valuable for the aspiring product manager!

Disclaimer: I have received no payment for any links on this list. Most of the items on the list I have direct experience with, a few I know only by reputation. Make sure to do your own research before you spend money. YMMV. Blah blah blah.

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