Monday, January 11, 2010

From the Intrawebs - January 11

Nothing like five out of six people in the house getting a stomach bug at the same time to make for a lame weekend. Today's From the Intrawebs is a little late as a result, and I didn't get much reading done over the weekend.

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  • Releasing Early Is Not Always Good? Heresy!: This is a good argument against the "release early and iterate quickly" philosophy. Worth the read on really consider what the minimum viable product is.

  • When Product Suckage Is Ok: A pointer to a response to a blog post. :) It really can't be emphasized enough that not every feature is equal in value. You should put as much effort in as you will reap value from.

  • If product managers are CEOs of their products, why aren’t more of them CEOs?: I like the focus on "Product CEO" being about influence and not about authority. I think very few product managers reign by authority, so focusing on leadership (as opposed to management) is critical to accomplishing anything.

  • Gall's Law: Something every product manager should keep in mind, especially when they sit down with the architect who wants to create a massive infrastructure to underly the product. To get to a working complex system, you have to start with a working simple system. The same probably applies to products as well.

  • What every mass marketer needs to learn from Groucho Marx: Trying to keep up with the market is hard; but as soon as you stop trying, you lose. Amazing the places you can learn valuable lessons.

  • Software product manager’s first 30 days at a new job...: Ever wanted the first 30 days at the new job check list? This is a pretty good one. First 30 days is about learning the business, and this gives some good direction for how to do that as well as some practical getting-oriented tasks.

  • A Better Decade for Product Management?: Who can help but like a post that is bullish on the future of product management?

  • Tough Times Call For You To Fire Your Customers: Another reason to ensure you are gathering good data about your customers and their usage of your product. Without that knowledge, you will never know who your good and bad customers are. Gut feel is never the answer.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I have no affiliation with linked properties other than being an interested reader, a happy user, or a potential customer: Nobody pays to receive a link. Any opinions of linked properties are theirs, not mine. I may or may not agree, but to be on this list I think their opinion is at least interesting.

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