Monday, January 18, 2010

From the Intrawebs - January 18

Happy Birthday, Mr. King! Today's From the Intrawebs is dedicated to the ideals of justice and equality that Martin Luther King, Jr. fought so bravely for (even if his birthday was really on the 15th).

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  • CrisisCommons::Haiti: Product camps have recently become popular methods of networking and learning. In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, an fascinating derivative has emerged: the Crisis Camp. This is an amazing way for the technology community to give back. Kudos to those who came up with the idea and organized the events!

  • Is An MBA Necessary For Product Managers?: As I ponder the question of whether I should pursue my MBA, this is valuable insight. The question will probably never be fully answered (at least not until product management is a regular MBA focus), so insights are all we have.

  • Is Dancing With Yourself Wrong For Product Mangers To Do?: This article brings up some good thinking points about a mature product. Unfortunately, it leaves it as an exercise to the reader on what to do. The "thinking points" are good enough for me to tag this in this week's From the Intrawebs, but I Would love to see more detail on this.

  • Bram Cohen: "Lawyers can’t tell you you can’t do something": Read the linked "Top 10 reasons why entrepreneurs hate lawyers", too. In all business deals, it is important to remember the lawyers are simply advisers. Your job is to make decisions.

  • When communities smother your product: This article really illustrates the value of using personaes in development. Your most vocal "good" customers are also usually in the power user realm. If all you do is listen to them, you will find yourself with a product that nobody can start using.

  • Social Media Tools for Product Marketers: A good introduction to social media tools for product marketers. If you are not already familiar with these tools, you REALLY need to be!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I have no affiliation with linked properties other than being an interested reader, a happy user, or a potential customer: Nobody pays to receive a link. Any opinions of linked properties are theirs, not mine. I may or may not agree, but to be on this list I think their opinion is at least interesting.

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