Monday, January 4, 2010

From the Intrawebs - January 4

Welcome to a new year of From the Intrawebs! The holiday season is behind us and this year is looking way better than last year. Today's From the Intrawebs is short, but the quality is good enough to make up for the lack of quantity.

I believe having good data is critical to effectively managing a product, but what constitutes good data? Take a look at Eric Ries Why Vanity Metrics are Dangerous to understand why that question is important. Once you understand the question (hint: good data is actionable), you can start to figure out the answer for your product.

Here, also, are some great "top 10" blog posts that are worth checking out:

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Jon Gatrell said...

Thanks for the link! Hope your new year is kicking off great!

Chris Cummings said...

Thanks very much for the mention!