Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the Intrawebs - February 16

Happy late President's Day for those of you in the US. I got a little behind this week due to the site redesign. I still have things I want to do, but I felt compelled to get this week's From the Intrawebs up first.

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  • Emulating Empathy: This can be such a difficult thing for people in engineering to learn, but it is critical if you want to interact with more than the computer. I hope Steve dives deeper into this concept in the future.
  • Hey Customer: Would You Like Some Time With That Product?: Making your offering more time efficient is a great way to differentiate, and there are so many places you can "shave time": making your product information cleaner, simplifying your offerings, streamlining installation, automating features, and optimizing your interface, just to name a few.
  • Facebook's fatal attraction: It is common, as a product and company matures, to start looking at other pastures and think how green they are. Products and companies need to grow and evolve, but they need to do it in a way that doesn't risk causing the current pasture to dry up underneath them.
  • A Story Culture: "How much will you consume and how much will you create?" I certainly hope to be a creator, but understanding the relationship between consuming and creating is important.
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