Monday, February 22, 2010

From the Intrawebs - February 22

Yay for being on time this week! Shot but sweet. Enjoy the list.

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  • No Accounting For Startups: I've said it many times, but Steve Blank is much better at saying these things than I am. Figure out what you need to measure, then measure it. A number just for the sake of a number is worthless (and this counts for mature products, too!).>
  • Yammer: The Story Behind Their SaaS Traction: While Yammer is interesting, the concepts of space between giants and KISS are the key concepts to take away from this one.
  • Emulating Empathy: This can be such a difficult thing for people in engineering to learn, but it is critical if you want to interact with more than the computer. I hope Steve dives deeper into this concept in the future.
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