Monday, May 3, 2010

From the Intrawebs - May 3

April was an insanely busy month. With it out of the way (especially the Utah Innovation Awards), I can get back on track with the blog.

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What's New

  • Tynt Insight - Tynt provides information I would have never thought I could get. If you are providing any kind of valuable content on your site/blog (and you really should be), Tynt can provide valuable analytics that you probably don't have now.

Worth Reading

  • The coming melt-down in higher education (as seen by a marketer) - This echos many thoughts I've been having about higher education. My kids are getting to the college age, and, honestly, I'm concerned about what college means for them.
  • Sorry TechCrunch – FaceBook is NOT the Biggest Driver of Social Sharing on the Web! (Its e-mail at 70%) - How important is email to the "social web"? This sums it up pretty well!
  • Rands In Repose: The Twinge - This article is why I think engineers can make the best product managers...if you can get them out of the "build" mentality. Those "twinges" can make phenomenal difference to a product.
  • Turning on your Reality Distortion Field - I've been thinking a lot about elevator pitches recently as we start talking more about the nascent company I'm working with, so this is particularly timely for me.
  • Why Apple Changed Section 3.3.1 - Best reason I've seen for Apple's policies around 3rd party application platforms like Flash. I think Apple's decision here is absolutely the right decision for them and for end users. Of course, as is often the case, many developers forget that it isn't about the "tools", it's about the product.
  • The Startup's Rules of Speed - Finally somebody stepping up and saying company growth does not mandate an inclusion of process. In every company I've worked at, process has become a binding yoke that prevented innovation rather than ensuring a better product was created. But (and this is scary for most companies!) it requires creative effort to find solutions to problems instead of wallpapering over them.
  • The new startup arms race - Another plug for the Startup Visa. Just as engineering and tech support has been globalized, so, too, is entrepreneurship being globalized. We need to do everything we can to bring those entrepreneurs to the United States or we will find our economy suffering in far worse ways than it is now.
  • Clive Thompson on the New Literacy - You may never think of texting and tweating the same after reading this. Who would have thought that you and/or your kids are learning kairos (what rhetoricians call kairos—assessing their audience and adapting their tone and technique to best get their point across) while sending all those little messages all over the place?

    How does this affect your product and its marketing?
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