Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ClickLock Hired Product Management First

A while ago, I posted my belief that product management should be hired first (and found others who agreed with me).

I'm very excited to announce that ClickLock.com took those words seriously. Today, I am joining ClickLock as its first full time employee! You won't find much information about ClickLock yet, but that will change. We know we have a good idea and some very interesting technology, now it is my job to find out the product for that technology.

As a company, ClickLock will be following the Lean Startup philosophy. What that means is that our primary focus is not hiding behind closed doors and building some uber-cool thing. Instead, our focus will be to spend a lot of effort figuring out exactly what the market wants through communication and pivoting, then rapidly scaling to provide that.

As the product manager, I will be following the Customer Development model as the method of determining what the ideal product is. As a small company, we have very limited resources; Customer Development allows us to ensure our precious development resources are being use optimally by knowing who our customers are and what they want to buy before we spend a small fortune building something.

I have always had a passion for small companies and am extremely excited about ClickLock. I believe the product is really going to make a positive impact in the ways we communicate most frequently on the Internet. After seeing small companies struggle so much after building a leviathan that nobody wanted, I'm also thrilled to be utilizing a development model that will maximize our chances of achieving those goals.

Stay tuned for the grisly details!

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