Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From the Intrawebs - June 1

As mentioned in my previous post, my focus for the forseeable future is going to be builing a new product at a new company. For an entreprenurial product manager, this is heaven! You can probably expect this blog and From The IntraWebs to reflect that, as this is my method of syntesizing the things I learn.

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What's New

  • The Startup Toolkit - A fascinating little tool for working through assumptions/goals/what-have-you for a start-up. It is based on Steve Blank's customer development model.

Worth Reading

  • Pre-Launch Marketing for Stealthy Startups - What do you do with your website before you are ready to launch? Hint: you should be doing something!
  • Conjoint Analysis 101 - A great introduction to conjoint analysis, which is a methodology for determining the value of individual features to your product. I will definitely be digging deeper.
  • The plural of anecdote IS data. - The plural of anecdote is not data. Except when it is. This post will help you how to turn those anecdotes into data (and that really is your job as a product manager).
Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I have no affiliation with linked properties other than being an interested reader, a happy user, or a potential customer: Nobody pays to receive a link. Any opinions of linked properties are theirs, not mine. I may or may not agree, but to be on this list I think their opinion is at least interesting.

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